May 30, 2018

Warehouse Europe

Warehouse Europe

Warehouse Europe

EU Fulfillment acts as one central hub covering the whole of Europe.

From one of our three warehouses in the UK we can deliver direct to customers doors anywhere in Europe within a few days, 95% of our UK customers get their orders the very next day after ordering online.

Europe has a target population of 745 Million people, this is double the US population meaning if you are only selling in the USA you could be tripling your sales overnight by selling in Europe.

Our process is really quite simple.

  • Send your stock to one of our warehouses
  • When you receive an order online it automatically gets sent to our warehouse
  • Our experienced staff pick and pack your order to your requirements
  • We put the order into the postal service
  • Your customer receives their order

With fulfillment fees from just 50p per order the money you save on International postage more than makes up for that cost, so it can work out cheaper than shipping from abroad and can reduce time taken to deliver by more than a half.

We have a network of delivery options from standard postal services to specialist couriers, contact us to discuss your requirements today.